Easy and cheap storage solutions

Easy and cheap storage solutions

We like to keep our closets and storages full of things and organized on the same time.

When you have too much items or belongings and have a limited option in storage, you ought to think and make some tricks which keep things in order and provide more spaces for other items.

On this article we provide you some easy and low cost solutions, which are suitable for everybody to apply:

  • Cartoon crafted boxes:

A simple cartoon can be more useful than you think, a shoe box, a device`s box, or even big food boxes can be used on this process, stick some fancy colored papers on its surfaces, label its usage, and put whatever you want in, small boxes are great to store small items and tools, bigger boxes is more suitable for items like books and more.

  • Hanged baskets:

A hanged basket from ceilings can provide you much space out of nothing, you can put any light weight things in these baskets, and you can simply reach out for them by your hand.

  • Magazine holders:

Magazine holders are easy to find if you ask the press kiosk guys about them, these holders can provide much space as they can store long items like hammers and other handy tools.

  • Boxes within your closet:

Most of our cloths can be fold in a small sized, a circular or cube fold is great to put cloths in order into a box, then a box can be regularly fit on a shelf in your closet, this can be applied too in your closet drawers.

  • Soda boxes:

Soda boxes can be used as a storage for your similar size cans, you can simply decorate its surface by some papers too.

  • Multi-tier storage rack:

This tool is very useful and you can buy it with a cheap price, but you ought to take care of the items you store on, a wooden rack is for heavier items, while an aluminum rack can support lighter items.

  • Hangers with clips:

These hangers can be used in purposes more than hanging a piece of cloth, you can use the clips to temporary close food bags on its open edges, or you can simply attach two sticks to each clips, and on these sticks you can hang many usual cloth hangers, but this requires a powerful material clip hanger.

  • Glass bottles / jars:

Clean these bottles well of their original contents, you can store dried food within these bottles such as crackers, beans, herbs and others.

  • Fish bowls:

Fish bowls can be used in storage too! Put in small bags and packets, pieces of clothes, or children toys, and you can pick them up easily just with your hand.

  • Multi-shelves wood logs:

Do you have some wood logs and a big stick? These items will make a perfect tier wood shelves, simply attach the logs to stick, but make sure to stick it well, to prevent logs from being trembled.